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I worked for Hurricane for 4 years under 2 contracts parts of each are shown below. Hurricane was satisfied wtih the work that I did at the time. I did locate several fields on the mainland of Britain for them over the time I was with them.

Research - Hurricane

Research - Hurricane

See below for the latest reference from this oil company. I am unable to mention the name, or location because of the confidentiality clause.  The chief geologist of the company offers the following testimony to my work:

ĎPeter has shown a remarkable ability to identify the presence of geological structures in the subsurface that could potentially be hydrocarbon-bearing.  In several cases his dowsing has highlighted areas where oil or gas could be present and which when subsequently checked against seismic data have indeed shown the presence of viable leads or prospects. Based on this work, the company has acquired acreage and identified prospects that it would not otherwise have considered or recognised.  His work has also proved to be a valuable screening tool when evaluating exploration opportunities offered by other companies.    Having worked with Peter now for several years we are therefore of the firm opinion that his ... techniques can make a significant contribution to the success of an exploration company. As a final comment, our experience has shown that it is important for both the geologist and Peter to work together in order to get the best results - from the geologistís perspective Peterís work can certainly make you think again and reconsider the prospectivity of areas that you may otherwise have dismissed or overlooked, whilst for Peter the technical and scientific insight provided by the geologist helps him to fine tune his ... technique to the subsurface geology


My Contract with Hurricane started in 2006 which was a 2 year contract followed up by a second period extending to 2008. In 2006 to 2007 I did quite a bit of work locating potential oil fields for the Company first of all by remote surveying then as usual on site when I located a potential oil field west of Salisbury in the area of Bishopstone. I worked out the depth and quantity recoverable which at a later date I was called down to Salisbury to work on site as this improves the accuracy to locate the potential field together with the geologist of the Company. I was informed that 2 million to 3 million barrel would be financially feasible. This particular field was indicating a capacity to recover over 10 million barrels from the site. Unfortunately they decided not to go ahead with this particular site as they felt they could pursue and get larger volumes in the West of Shetlands.

Google Map 5 Miles

The map above shows the area in question close to Salisbury.

About a year later I had also located by remote surveying an area in Perthshire further oil fields which again we were both called out to check the site where I did a depth count and quantity count and checked out for faulting and fractures whilst I was there. It was later confirmed that there was a good volume of oil in that area and in the region that I had predicted on site. A siesmix survey was taken to support my findings which in due course it did and also indicated that it would be financially feasible to raise.

Google Map at 4 Miles

This map indicates the Perthshire area

I was asked later on to check out the West of Shetlands. First of all on a large planning map bigger than an ordnance survey map. Having said that the map surveying as always only gives us a guide as to the potential target area, a site visit is always advisable. The Company had already marked out some lead on the plan and I was asked to check out these sites which I duly did. Some of the sites were indicating oil to me but the porosity of the rock in some cases seemed to be poor. On other sites I didn't get a good indicator of oil. I marked out the potential areas that I had a good reaction on. Some were not on their leads but nearby which I had indicated potential oil. Our contract finished in 2010 so I am allowed now to pass my thoughts on. I do believe that if I would have been asked to go out to sea to check those areas I would have picked up the same areas as the Company has as this would of confirmed the oil potential fields like I did in Salisbury and Perthshire. As far as I am aware the field in Perthshire and Salisbury are still free. For those of you oil men who are looking for worthwhile oil reserves I know of plenty in and around the UK itself just contact me.


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