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Looking for natural oil and gas works well when the myself and the geologist work together, in conjunction, utilising each others information.

As you are aware seismic surveys are correct when indicating structures, however they are not always correct when indicating hydrocarbon areas.

 If I were to conduct a map survey at a site of interest/licensed area  for hydrocarbon bearing areas and find natural oil and gas and the seismic survey confirmed my findings this increases the likelihood of natural oil and gas actually being there.

 As a Consultant  I can only advise what my findings are. If I find that there is natural oil and gas at a location and the seismic survey confirms this It is then the decision of the  Senior Geologist and the Board of Directors (of the company) to decide whether to go ahead with the project by drilling the well.

 In addition, if my findings differ from the geologists, again it would be the decision of the Geologist and the Board of Directors to decide   whether to continue with the project or not.


This method would help to save your company a substantial amount of money and time and increase the success rate and reduce the amount of failed prospects.

Another advantage of using myself as a professional consultant in the field of surveying by my method on site, which is more accurate than remotely surveying, is to use a professional consultant like myself, who can advise and assist by working together with the geologist what the findings are,  that it is possible for me to locate the best area to drill to take up the largest amount of natural oil or natural gas from the field and potentially locate the area and pinpoint the area, with the least obstructions to drilling.

As a  professional consultant with many years experience in the field working remotely in exploration and research for hydrocarbons I can locate natural oil on its own or a combination of natural oil and gas together or gas on its own depending on the structures and depth to where the field is lying.

 I can locate natural oil on its own or a combination of natural oil and gas together or gas on its own depending on the structures and depth to where the field is lying. 

I can also locate the cooking areas, which creates the natural oil and gas fields. 

This is the first stage of a three stage process of developing the site.   This is a very valuable cost effective  way of finding and locating the best areas to exploit the hydrocarbons beneath the ground within the licensed areas that you may be interested in.  Then if everything matches up with my results of what is beneath the ground within the licensed area then the Company/Client , if they so wish, can take it further, by using seismic surveys in the licensed area where I have located potential oil and gas fields for exploration.   Also through remote map surveying of the area Peter can calculate the gravity weight number of the oil thickness, whether it is thick, medium or thin oil which again will save the Company/client in costs. 

I believe that remotely map surveying is a gift and that I am not allowed to use it for my own benefit - such as my own gold mine or oil or gas company - but I am allowed to make a living out of it by helping others to make a success of their ventures by using my skills as a professional consultant. I know this from my own personal experience

All this will save time and money whether it is on site or the map surveys.  Of course, my fees are a lot less than seismic searches of the exploration area.  

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