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The Process

What happens if you engage Global Discoveries services....


First, all information which I receive from oil companies is confidential and I agree to sign a confidentiality agreement. I have already done this with several of the oil companies I am at presently working with. 

Secondly the oil company sends me the licensed area of the exploration areas they are interested in which has already been studied by their geologists.  Alternatively, they may send  leads they may have on the licensed areas for me to do a map survey.   If I come to the same conclusion as the geologists it increases the success rate of the company looking for natural oil and gas or both.  It is up to the senior geologist and the Company to make their own decision as to whether or not they go by my recommendations. 

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The next stage is to do a site visit.  This can be done either by helicopter or vehicle when the process takes place. We cover the area, which has been highlighted on the map surveys, (or showing as having some potential natural oil and gas or both).  We approach it from one side of the area through to the other side of the area.  During this process the rods will continue to cross until we are out of the field.  This is continued until an area has been marked out systematically on site, which then identifies it more accurately and pinpoints the location. 

It is also possible to work out the depth of the field lying beneath the ground or the sea.  A possible guide can be done on the map survey, which then becomes more accurate when on site visit..  To do the depth count on site we use what we call  “The Bishops Rule” and we go to the centre of the field that we have marked out.  We then put a stake into the ground and walk away from the stake in a straight line and eventually the rods will cross indicating the estimated depth to where the top of the natural  oil field or natural gas field is lying.   From that point you then continue to walk and the rods will cross again for a second time which will give you a guide as to the thickness of the saturation of the natural oil or gas or both, in the rock structures. 

I spent 5 years researching into natural oil and gas  before I became a successful consultant for hydrocarbon-bearing areas.  I have also completed a successful map survey for Chevron in 1993 when they tested me on my skills. 


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