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A few years ago around about 2005 a UK oil company which I cannot reveal contacted me and invited me down to their headquarters in Southern England, obviously to test me out, to see what my abilities are in finding oil.  They showed me quite a few maps and asked me what my thoughts were regarding the “leads” on the map, whether or not there was oil in them or not.  The area in question was west of Scotland. I marked out some of the “leads” remotely whilst I was with them, which I got a good reaction on.  Some of the “leads” I had no reaction to which means there would be no oil or gas within the rock formations beneath the ground.  Some of the areas where I got a reaction off the “leads” were going to be financially feasible and some were not going to be financially feasible, mainly because of the porosity of the rock in those days I was not aware at the time of the fractures that take place in some of the rock formations which could increase the success rate even with the porosity being small the fractures would allow the slow percolation of the oil which then could be pumped up, needless to say I am well aware of this procedure now.


Further progress did take place with this company and myself and I located an area on mainland Britain, in the Salisbury area, where I picked up a good sized oil field capable of producing 13 million barrels recoverable from the field.  This was later confirmed by the oil company that it had a very good possibility of having this quantity if not more from their own research which tied in with my findings. 


The company then applied and got the licence for that area on my recommendations. 


The procedure was a map survey of the Salisbury area to find the largest oil field which up to that date had not been found which I then map surveyed. 


Second stage was to go to the site, narrow it down to the exact size and shape of the field and to look for the hotspot areas and where the most ideal hotspot location would be.  This was done.  A few months later the company had some new shareholders come in and the trend of thinking changed from then and said that they were looking for a greater volume of oil which would be found out at sea.  The concentration changed to the west coast of Scotland which they are still there and they have found oil in the area. 


The difference is that it is cheaper to drill on mainland Britain than what it is offshore. 


I am still there in the background for when they want or need my advice and guidance.



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